Howard B. Wigglebottom

In Pre-First and First Grade classes, the students have learned a lot about how to be good listeners from their Second Step lessons. Our counseling lesson during this rotation supports what the students have learned in a fun way. How could the kids not love a funny character named Howard B. Wigglebottom? As the main character of many books that have been turned into animated stories, Howard is a rabbit who learns to listen, deal with bullies, believe in himself, accept not winning first place, and many other valuable lessons. We’re starting with the listening story, and the students love pointing out the times when they would have listened and stayed out of trouble, unlike Howard. During the year, we’ll view some of the other videos. I encouraged the students to preview any of the stories online because every time we read a book or watch a video, we learn things we didn’t read or see the first time! Visit for Howard’s animated stories, games, and more!


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