Hey Little Ant

In PreFirst, First, and Second Grade counseling classes, we’re reading Hey Little Ant by Phillip and Hannah Hoose, a father-daughter team. (Hannah was just nine years old when she and her dad wrote the book!) After raising topics such as empathy, point of view, and peer pressure through fun, rhyming lyrics, the book ends with a question: “What do you think the kid should do?” Our students have drawn and written their own endings to the story. What do they think should happen at the end? Should the ant get squished? Should the ant go free? What if the kid were in the ant’s shoes… what would the kid want the ant to do? Below are three students’ creative endings!


“I think he should walk in his shoes and show empathy for the little ant by not scweishing him!”

I think

“I think the ant shold go free and not get sqoshed because if the boy was the ant he would not whant to get sqoshed.”

He should not step on

“He shold not step on the ant because he would not like if the boy got steped on and then be friends.”


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