Strong, sturdy, stable foundations

How does a building remain standing in a fierce storm? How did the third little pig’s house remain standing when the Big Bad Wolf tried to blow it down? A strong foundation. In Second Grade counseling classes recently, we talked about how construction engineers use steel and concrete to build the foundation of a structure so that the structures are strong, sturdy, and stable. We connected that concept to how important it is for us to have a strong, sturdy, stable foundation of our character so that we can weather difficult storms in our lives — moving to a new school, working through a changing friendship, losing a family member, and more. Students shared character traits that help us stay strong, such as empathy, confidence, kindness, love, faith, honesty, and trust. They drew their own “building”/character and then worked as a team to quickly but sturdily build a structure that would weather a storm (a.k.a. Ms. Strother shaking the table). See some of their great work below!







girl hand


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