Counting our blessings

Happy December! In class this month, we are counting our blessings with the help of the Berenstain Bears, who realize that they should stop and be thankful for what they already have instead of always wanting more video games, more “Bearbie” dolls, etc. After Brother and Sister Bear play at their friends’ houses, they return home with stories of how lucky their friends are. “Whatever she wants, she gets!” shares Sister when Mama asks about her playdate. Pre-First and First Graders talk about their blessings; Second Graders and I talk about why getting everything you want isn’t a good thing. What would happen to us and what would happen all over the world if we never had to work to earn things? What would happen if we never heard “No” in response to a request?

(In case you want to watch what we viewed in class, the video for “Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings” is split into two five-minute clips on YouTube. Enjoy!)


One response to “Counting our blessings”

  1. selteam2013 says :

    What a timely subject. I am sure those discussions are interesting and meaningful to our students.

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