Lessons about prejudice in January

Happy 2014, Love Hall families! It was wonderful to see Wildcats running from your cars into the building this morning, excited to begin the second half of the school year. (Perhaps the freezing temperature contributed to their speed…)

This month in our counseling classes, we’re focusing on prejudice. We’re reading “Froggy Learns about Prejudice” from the book Froggy and Friends II and discussing how important it is to learn about and accept all kinds of people. In today’s Second Grade class, I gave all of the students with blond hair a colorful sticker as an unsolicited reward, telling the students that blond people simply are the best. A brunette immediately piped up, “But that’s not fair! It’s how we were born! You can’t treat them better just because of what they look like!” This led us into a quick discussion of civil rights before we read the story, and they understood the purpose of the sticker exercise. Our discussion will continue and deepen during our next class together.

Our lessons on prejudice will lead us into our next topic, standing up for others even when it’s a tough thing to do. When we witness the mistreatment of another person or someone being left out, it’s easy to stay quiet and hope we won’t be the next target. It’s harder to be an active bystander, but the people for whom we stand up will never forget it.


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