The Good Birds’ Club

This week in our counseling classes, we’re watching and discussing one of my favorite videos, “The Good Birds’ Club” from Sesame Street. Students’ initial skepticism about Sesame Street videos being “for babies” quickly turns to appreciation of important concepts we’ve talked about throughout the year:

  • being a good friend
  • being happy to be YOU! and remembering that you were made perfectly and purposefully
  • loving your friends for who they are
  • recognizing and trying to get rid of prejudice
  • standing up for yourself and others
  • listening to your heart
  • doing the right thing
  • asking for help from an adult when someone needs it
  • being an active bystander in bullying situations
  • using kind words even when others are using unkind words

These are just some of the good concepts that play out in this video. The songs are fun (Big Bird can rap — who knew?), the characters are thoughtful and diverse, the messages are true, and there is a Twitter joke thrown in there for the grownups. When you have some time, watch the video and check out the questions on the Sesame Street site. Enjoy!


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