Acts of kindness at the airport

This morning I stumbled across a blog, Pennies of Time, that immediately became a new favorite. Check out the ideas for acts of kindness and simple service projects during spring break and acts of kindness at the airport! I love the idea of a child giving a colorful handmade drawing or unexpected thank you note to an attendant helping at the kiosks, a pilot, or a flight attendant. Doing small, simple gestures will brighten the recipient’s day and reinforce to your child the idea that service to others doesn’t need to be an expensive, complicated, carefully scheduled endeavor. Have fun!!


4 responses to “Acts of kindness at the airport”

  1. shandedalbo4r39 says :

    I have enjoyed following your posts! They are getting better and better. I have especially enjoyed this one–Acts of kindness at the airport. How are you getting your message to parents?

    Patricia Shande

    • Kate says :

      Thank you for your encouraging words, Pat! I hope that teachers include my blog when they list special area pages on their blogs. Hopefully parents know about it little by little!

      • shandedalbo4r39 says :

        Yes. We have included yours at the bottom of our blog, along with other specialists. I hope the parents are taking the time to read them.

        Thanks again,
        P. Shande

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