Kindness Club Week 1

Today was the first meeting of the first grade Kindness Club in ASK! Nine students were present, and we are off to a great start! First, we talked about the concept “Pay It Forward.” (The film with the same title is one of my favorites.) One person does three acts of kindness for three people, those people pass along the kindness to three others, and the kindness spreads! One club member asked, “Can it go international?” Of course! We had fun imagining that someone in the United States called her friend in Japan to say hello, and then the Japanese friend called his friend in England, and then the calls and kind wishes spread all over the globe!


Then, we watched a five-minute video to show how easily and (usually) inexpensively one can receive and then pass along a small act of kindness:

Video: Pay It Forward / Acts of Kindness / Boomerang Effect

Finally, using an idea I got from this blog post about kindness, we wrote and decorated anonymous notes of kindness to hide in library books. The kids enjoyed using colored pencils and stickers to convey messages about enjoying the books in which the notes would be hidden and having a great day. “Can we tell them to pass on the kindness?” asked a club member. Of course!

By the time we cleaned up the supplies, pushed in our chairs in the ASK! building, and prepared to head to the library for our super secret mission, the children were really excited. They ran, jumped, slid quietly against the wall, and even crawled toward the door of the library, ready to anonymously spread some kindness! Once we were in the library, they were thoughtful in their placement of the notes. We are all wondering who will check out one of these books and find a kind surprise!

The club members are looking forward to receiving their membership card next Tuesday afternoon and having another adventure in kindness.

Enjoy photos of our Kindness Club Week 1 super secret mission below!

Our first group photo! Thank you, Mrs. Cushing and Mr. Martin, for allowing us to spread kindness in the library!

Our first group photo! Thank you, Mrs. Cushing and Mr. Martin, for allowing us to spread kindness in the library!


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