Kindness Club Week 2

Kindness Club members officially were inducted into the Kindness Club today, receiving their membership cards in the manner in which one receives an award or diploma. We talked about the word “induct” and practiced how to use our right hand for a handshake while reaching for a document with one’s left hand. The children practiced kindness by clapping for each fellow member.

After decorating their membership cards with stickers, students volunteered ideas for our belief statement and our guidelines/agreements. We typed the ideas on my laptop and then traveled to my office to print them. We glued them on the back of our cards and then attempted to laminate the cards, but the laminating machine and I weren’t seeing eye-to-eye. Tomorrow I’ll seek help in the task of laminating and hopefully give the Kindness Club their membership cards to keep!

In the Kindness Club, we believe:
– people should show kindness through a lot of ways
– kindness should always be used
– people should be kind to the Earth

In The Kindness Club, we agree that we will:
– help people
– listen to each other and talk out problems if we disagree, giving reasons for disagreement
– show respect for the ASK! building and all property
– be kind to each other


kindness club week 2

kindness club week 2 ii


One response to “Kindness Club Week 2”

  1. selteam2013 says :

    What a great club! I really like the belief statements. These students will become role models in their classes!

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