Little masterpieces

During Christian Emphasis Week, Board of Trustees member Harold A. Dawson, Jr., spoke to the entire Lower School about how we all are God’s masterpieces. We’re uniquely crafted and designed to use our creative gifts to the best of our ability. In our recent counseling classes, I shared that the most beautiful masterpiece I’ve ever seen is La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s unfinished church in Barcelona, Spain. I told the students that when my friend Sara Louise and I visited the church a few years ago, its beauty brought tears to my eyes the moment I stepped out of the taxi. My heart was so full of amazement. How did the artists and sculptors carve such faces of pain and suffering into the stone? I am still amazed.

I shared with the students when I come to work every day, my heart is so full of love for all of them. They are true masterpieces. And just like Gaudi’s church, they (and we) are unfinished. Everyone is a work in progress! Everything isn’t supposed to come easily for us in school or at work. La Sagrada Familia has been under construction for over 130 years, and just as the artists and construction workers continue building, we’ll keep learning, growing, and changing for decades, too.

After we made the connection between La Sagrada Familia as a masterpiece and all of us as masterpieces, I asked the students if they’d creatively write their name and draw/design anything else they wanted on an index card. Next time, we’ll take a mini field trip to my office so that the students can tape their cards to the wall. That way, when I’m in my office, I’ll look up and see their names and think of the amazing little masterpieces I am lucky enough to serve and learn with every day.

little masterpieces

(You’ll notice that Sereena has a small trophy in front of her during class. In all of my classes, if we’re gathered on the carpet, I wordlessly hand the trophy to a student listening quietly and sitting appropriately. If students are working at their tables, I place the trophy in front of someone working hard and showing good focus. Everyone knows that it’s a silent way for me to say, “I notice you’re doing exactly what you should be doing at this moment. Thank you. Keep up the good work!”)


3 responses to “Little masterpieces”

  1. cajuncart says :

    This is so important for big and little alike to hear and believe, Ms. Strother! THANK YOU!

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