Kindness Club Week 4

During yesterday’s Kindness Club meeting, members shared that there are awesome toys and games and crafting materials in the ASK! rooms, but there is no BINGO game. So, we began the process of making a BINGO game to give to ASK! as a gift. We used a free BINGO maker website to generate 20 cards; each card has 24 of the 32 fun words we came up with. The children wanted to include words that are simply fun (candy, jokes, pets, food), words/phrases from our classroom counseling lessons (empathy, respect, keep trying, assertive, believe, compassion), and Westminster words too (Westminster, Wildcats, Rambler*).

Then we colored designs around the BINGO cards, which will be laminated. In an upcoming club meeting, we will make the BINGO chips and present our gift to ASK! Good job, Kindness Club!

*Rambler is the name of a famous Westminster resident who visits us in Love Hall from time to time. Ask your child for details.

Kindness Club BINGO cards

Kindness Club BINGO cards


One response to “Kindness Club Week 4”

  1. scootd says :

    Rambler is SO honored to be on your BINGO card…Thank you!

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