Fun at Field Day

Monday’s Field Day for grades 3-5 was a beautiful, cooperative, fun-filled extravaganza of 17 stations through which all students rotated. Perfect weather, a visit from the Westminster Wildcat, plenty of water (for drinking and spraying — see photos below), Pero’s Pizza for lunch, and a sno-cone for dessert = Best day ever.



Don't let it touch the ground! (Thanks for the visit, Wildcat!)

Don’t let it touch the ground! (The Wildcat looks concerned. Will the cube float away?)



Please come back...

Please come back…

Girls = tug-of-war champs

Girls = tug-of-war champs

Water adds happiness to any relay.

Water adds happiness to any relay


The evolution of the water balloon toss. The two Fifth Grade boys in the foreground were the champions. As you scroll down, look for balloons high in the air, fewer and fewer partnerships still in the game, and finally the small red balloon rolling along the ground in the final shot, when it met its demise.

IMG_3054 IMG_3055 IMG_3056 IMG_3057 IMG_3059 IMG_3058

And finally, the elegantly simple yet highly entertaining water-squirting and blindfold-wearing station. Pure joy.




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