Proud in Pre-First

From the beginning of the school year until now, we’ve seen tremendous growth in our students. Of course, the ones facing the biggest adjustment were the Pre-First students, and they’ve transitioned into being proud Westminster Wildcats. There were a few bumps and tears and challenges along the way, as there are with most big life changes, and the students have demonstrated great strength throughout the tough times.

In our counseling classes, we’re discussing how it’s nice to be proud of ourselves when we’ve reached a goal, accomplished a difficult task, or shown good character in a moment of adversity. We talk about the difference between being humbly proud of ourselves and bragging. The children understand that being someone who brags is never an attractive quality when looking at what makes a good friend. One student asked, “But if I do something good, and I tell people because it’s true, is it still bragging?” We then talked about tone of voice, the length of time the accomplishment is talked about, and the need to observe others’ reactions when we share our proud moments. If classmates seem to be turned off by what we’re sharing, it’s probably time to save the sharing for family members.

Check out these students’ proud moments from the year. Way to go, Pre-First!


1. Tying my shoes; 2. Learning a lot; 3. I have gotten along with my friends


1. Being nice to my friends; 2. Sharing with my friends; 3. Losing two teeth


A proud illustration on the back!


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