Kindness Club Week 8

Last week’s lemonade giveaway was such a fun, rewarding experience for the Kindness Club and such a hit with our “customers” that we incorporated one pitcher of lemonade into today’s adventure. We made the lemonade and then went for a walk, looking for thirsty people in Love Hall, the Middle School (the newly named Clarkson Hall!), and Pressly Hall. In addition to giving people lemonade, the children handed out small pieces of paper that read, “You are awesome just the way you are.” 🙂

The club members repeated over and over, “This is a random act of kindness because we’re the Kindness Club!” The reactions the kids received from people with whom they interacted were incredibly thankful and heartwarming. In Love Hall, Mrs. Lauren DuPriest said, “How did you know I was thirsty? This hits the spot!” Mrs. Allen complimented the students on their mission. Upon receiving his paper, Mr. Caldwell in the Middle School thanked the students and asked, “May I pass on this kindness to someone else?” The students said, “Yes!” Mr. Jones, Sixth Grade Boys’ Chair, happily accepted a cup of lemonade and asked the kids a few questions about their purpose. Another teacher said, “I’m so glad I was here to receive these gifts! I’m going to put this paper right here on my computer so it’s the first thing I see in the morning.”

In Pressly Hall, Mrs. Mary DuPriest returned the kindnesses by offering the club members a mint. The small, unexpected gift was a delight to the students. They continued giving out lemonade and papers, meeting some Upper School students, a few Middle School students, and four people on the custodial staff.

Parents and other blog readers, please remember that you, too, are awesome just the way you are. The Kindness Club believes it, and we hope you do as well!

It's true!

It’s true!

Running to the Middle School (I can never keep up)

Running to the Middle School (I can never keep up)

Visiting a Middle School teachers

Visiting a Middle School teacher

Running to Pressly (I still can't keep up)

Running to Pressly (I still can’t keep up)

On the steps of Pressly Hall

On the steps of Pressly Hall


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