Integrity in Second Grade

Our Second Graders show integrity on a daily basis, but until a few weeks ago, we had never talked about the actual word. I took ideas from three great school counseling blogs, and the result was a three-part series of lessons.

During the first lesson, we read and discussed The Empty Pot by Demi. The main character, Ping, shows integrity by telling the truth and doing his best. (I won’t ruin the ending. It’s a must-read.) We defined “integrity” as “doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”

The Empty Pot by Demi. Check it out this summer from our Lower School library!

The Empty Pot by Demi. Check it out this summer from our Lower School library!

During our second lesson, the children used the Smartboard to sort behaviors into two categories, “I am showing integrity” vs. “I am not showing integrity.”

Our examples of showing integrity:
– telling the truth
– doing my best
– standing up for a classmate
– picking up litter
– recycling
– apologizing sincerely
– returning an unopened yogurt or a banana to the cooler in the lunchroom
– saving a cookie for a family member
– being humble
– keeping others’ news to ourselves
– walking in the hallway
– saying “Hello” with good eye contact
– cleaning up our area at lunch

Our final lesson allowed for the students to create a quick art project showing the behaviors that they exhibit to show integrity. I loved seeing their creations and was impressed by the “thinking outside of the box” ways they designed their papers!

Here are the three blogs I used:

Cameron Park Elementary School Counseling
The Corner on Character
Life on the Fly… A School Counselor Blog

Enjoy the students’ work below!








integrity new ideas

integrity rain


2 responses to “Integrity in Second Grade”

  1. Barbara Gruener says :

    I LOVE this … a great review and enrichment idea for one of my all-time favorite books! Thank you for the shout out!

    The Corner on Character

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