Kindness Club Week 9

Last week, our Kindness Club had its final adventure of the school year. First, we watched a slideshow of pictures from previous adventures. Then we went to my office to create encouraging notes to hand out to teachers, staff members, and students around the building. This was a favorite activity from another week, so we wanted to do it again! When handing out the notes, the children heard kind reactions such as, “I feel so special!” and “I’m going to put these on my desk!” We ended our final meeting by enjoying popsicles outside.

Thank you to everyone along the way who helped the first Kindness Club have fun and spread a little love and kindness around Westminster. We’ll be back at it when school resumes in August! In the meantime, Pay It Forward and have a wonderful summer!

Watching a slideshow of our Kindness Club adventures

Watching a slideshow of our Kindness Club adventures


Cutting our messages into perfectly-sized notes of encouragement


Mrs. Getzendanner receives a few notes


We didn’t find the P.E. teachers, but we did run out some energy!

When someone else does a kindness for you, remember to pay it forward! Happy Summer from the Kindness Club! 🙂



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