Top 5 Friday: Ketchup, flowers, and cuteness

One of my goals this year is to post a Top 5 list of moments from the week every Friday: student work, faculty and staff accomplishments, funny kid comments, and more. Today’s Top 5 are simply things that happened that made me happy. How easy it was to think of examples to share! It could have been a Top 30 list!

5. Ketchup thoughtfulness: Today at lunch, I heard a little voice ask, “Would you like some ketchup?” I turned to see a second grade girl standing beside me. “I saw that there’s no ketchup bottle on your table,” she continued, “so I thought maybe you would want this one.” Simple thoughtfulness goes a long way.

4. Clear expectations: Just three hours into our first day of school, I watched a Pre-First class line up efficiently and quietly in the hallway. <Pause for true appreciation of this situation.> The teachers were helping a student at the end of the line, and the students at the beginning of the line knew just what to do. I commented, “You’ve all lined up just how you’re supposed to line up! How did you know how to do this so well?” A boy said, “Our teachers showed us how to do it this morning, and we practiced two times. That’s how we knew.” We can expect children to follow rules only when procedures are clear and behaviors are practiced. Nice work, Pre-First!

3. Random Act of Kindness: A former teacher gave me flowers to celebrate the beginning of our second year as colleagues.

2. Sibling love: Yesterday in the lunchroom, a Pre-First student and her older sister found each other, and what ensued was the tightest and most genuine hug I’ve ever seen. A few minutes later, I watched a girl walk by her brother’s table and playfully ruffle his hair. Instead of returning the gesture with a scowl, the boy smiled and asked, “How do you like your class?”

1. Colorful cuteness: Over a delightful snack of Goldfish, a Pre-First student shared her thoughts on color preferences with me: “My first favorite color is hot pink. Then light pink. Then purple, light purple, red, light red, blue, light blue, yellow, light yellow, green, light green, orange, and light orange.” She paused, thought for a few seconds, and then continued very seriously, “I don’t think I can remember my other favorite colors right now, but tonight I will remember them, and I will tell you tomorrow.”

We’ve had a funny, encouraging, thoughtful, happy, and hopeful first week! Here’s to a wonderful year!


First day flowers from a friend



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