Introductory lessons

During each six-day rotation of classes, I visit each Pre-First through Second Grade classroom for a school counseling lesson. On the classroom schedules, my class is designated as “Bible Values.” The social skills and character development lessons being presented to the students are based upon Biblical proverbs, stories, and lessons.

To introduce the role of the school counselor to Pre-First students, I showed them a slideshow of pictures of me and then clip art of various emotions that everyone feels. I explained that a school counselor is a safe person to talk to at school when students are feeling angry, scared, worried, lonely and (of course!) happy. They know that their teachers are their go-to caring adults, and I hope that they develop a trust in me, too, as we spend time together.

erasersIn First Grade and Second Grade, I talked with the students about the concept of making mistakes. One of the many great things about Love Hall Wildcats is that they already know that 1) everyone makes mistakes, 2) it’s ok to make mistakes, and 3) we should learn from them. Really believing, though, that it’s ok to make mistakes — especially in front of others — is harder to do than we’d like to admit. For many students, it’s embarrassing to provide a wrong answer to a teacher’s question or forget to take a signed permission slip to school for an upcoming field trip. We talked about “NBD” mistakes — the ones that are “No Big Deal.” Arrive at school with your shirt on backwards? NDB! Just head to the bathroom to turn it around, and double check it tomorrow before you leave the house. Realize you’re wearing two different socks? NBD! Laugh at yourself first, others will follow suit, and then tomorrow think twice while getting ready.

Throughout the year, we’ll talk more about making and learning from mistakes. Some of the world’s best inventions came from mistakes! They’re the best way to learn! Pencils are made with erasers for a reason, so I gave each student a small pencil-top eraser to keep as a reminder that everyone makes mistakes, and it’s wonderful when we learn from them!


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