Kindness Club: Week 2, big ideas and small steps

The second meeting of the Kindness Club was full from beginning to end! Here’s a recap of our 60 minutes of fun:

– All six club members were present this week, so we reintroduced ourselves (two Pre-First students and four First Graders).

– Big ideas: To understand WHY we do acts of kindness, we drew and talked about the concept of “paying it forward.” One member said, “It could go on and on until the whole world is kind!!”

pay it forward

How quickly our acts of kindness can spread!

– We watched this wonderful five-minute YouTube video and counted the acts of kindness (we lost count at 10):

– Small steps: We voted on what we’d like to do for our activity: 1) walk around and look for things we could do to help people OR 2) write nice notes and draw nice pictures to give to others. Choice #1 was the winner, so off we went!

– We stopped in the ASK! foyer to find out if we could help with something, and Mrs. Rouse whispered that it would be so helpful if we cleaned up the blocks in one of the rooms. Done!

KC 5 cleaning

Teamwork! Let’s get these blocks put away!

KC mitchell and kate

These two took the initiative to clean up more than the block area

– As we walked toward Love Hall, we discovered an abandoned Hello Kitty water bottle and a pencil at Carpool B. Lost & Found — done!

– We visited Nurse Keri Caldwell to see if we could help her. She needed a pencil to be returned to Mrs. Smith. Done!

– We visited the gym to see if the P.E. teachers needed help. We didn’t find the teachers, but we did run around for three minutes for fun!

– We saw Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Haan in their classroom, and they said they had two jobs for the Kindness Club: to find playground toys that had rolled all the way to the fence at the bottom and to check the chicken coop for fresh eggs. Done! Club members found a basketball, a hula hoop, and a few small pieces of trash on the playground, which Mrs. Chapman really appreciated. She gave Leila the key to the padlock so that we could put the items back where they belonged. Mrs. Haan appreciated that we checked for eggs.

KC playground

Heading to the fence on the search for runaway playground toys

The padlock is off, and the basketball is going back where it belongs!

With two minutes left, we headed back to the ASK! building to review the small acts of kindness we had done. We can’t wait for next week’s adventures!

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