What will they BE?

This week, First and Second Grade students are thinking about what they want to BE this year at school. On this great blog I saw that another school counselor had created a display of characteristics that describe what students might strive to be. I wondered, “What do our students want to be?” In class, we read and discussed the book I’m Special, I’m Me! and then students chose paper and markers and got to work. Below are some of their finished products. Depending on the availability of wall space outside of the classrooms, the words might be displayed in the hallways soon! Our next step: discussing the steps we can take to achieve what we want to be…


“What does resourceful mean to you?” I asked the student pictured above. “It means that you find things and information to help yourself. I learned that last year with Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Haan, and my teachers said it again this year.”


These are all something to strive for every day… 


Notice the perfectly timed wardrobe choice of our “brave” student…


3 responses to “What will they BE?”

  1. cajuncart says :

    Precious one, I LOVE THIS. I just asked my 7th graders to journal about WHO they what to BE when they grew…not what they want to DO, but WHO they want to BE. Subtle, yet monumental difference. Thank you for you, Ms. S!

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