Top 5 Friday: Teamwork all around

5. Teamwork: During a Second Grade counseling class, the students were working on their “BE” words. Two students walked over to ask questions.

Girl: Ms. Strother, how do you spell “hearted”? Like in “kind-hearted”?
Boy standing nearby: Oh I know! H-e-a-r-t-e-d.
Me: That is correct.
Girl: He sits right next to me!! <looks at boy> Let’s go back to our desks. Will you help me there?
Boy: OK!

4. Don’t make me go: While I was in the nurse’s office on Wednesday, a Second Grade boy entered the room and announced his throat was sore. Nurse Keri Caldwell checked his throat, determined that it looked red, and said that she’d give the student’s mother a phone call. The student assumed he’d be picked up from school, panicked and said, “No, please don’t call! I don’t want to go home! I’m in my favorite subject right now — Design Thinking! I just cannot miss it!” Now that is excitement about learning.

3. Love in Love Hall: My favorite moments of the week also include faculty members helping each other. This week, a colleague stopped what she was doing to help me carry boxes from the parking lot to my room. Another colleague created a wonderful slideshow of faculty members’ baby pictures next to our current pictures; we watched the slideshow in this morning’s schoolwide assembly, and I think everyone in the room was smiling (and every student was cheering at each picture!). Multiple colleagues approached me privately to share concerns about students, trusting their gut feeling that there’s something bothering the kids, wanting me to subtly check on them as their school counselor. And finally, we came together to support a colleague in need. We love going to work because of the students… but also because of each other.

2. Support across divisions: Of course, the faculty love is shared not only in Love Hall but also throughout the Westminster campus. When it’s time for open enrollment, the wonderful HR department answers every question with inspiring patience. When an Upper School colleague welcomes a baby into her family, her substitute seamlessly and fully assumes her responsibilities. And when a Middle School colleagues opens up about a difficult time, friends from every division pour out their support and make plans to help her every step of the way.

1. Our first assembly: When all of our students are together in the Hamilton Room, everything feels complete. Today, we welcomed Westminster President Keith Evans, who entertained the room with a warm, funny story about his dog, Stella. From the music teachers’ coordination to Mr. McKnight’s introduction of our three new expectations for behavior to the children’s reciting of the school motto, today’s Love Hall assembly was a pretty special event to witness.

Keith Evans

Westminster President Keith Evans speaks to all of Love Hall

Music teachers 8-14

The best music teaching team in the world looks on as Mr. Evans speaks to the students and faculty. Thank you, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Doster, for all of the behind-the-scenes work you do to make our assemblies a musical, wonderful, community-building experience!

three Bs

Head of Lower School Mr. McKnight explains “The Three Be’s” to the students and faculty: Be safe, Be respectful, and Be responsible. These three expectations will be the foundation of our discipline system this year. More on this to come soon…!


Happy Labor Day weekend to all! Come back on Tuesday! 🙂


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