Student Council

There is an exciting new leadership opportunity available to Fourth and Fifth Graders: Student Council! The Student Council will be made up of students who demonstrate excellent behavior, work habits, leadership qualities, and commitment to the school. At all times, Student Council members will follow the school expectations of being safe, respectful, and responsible.

Requirements of a Student Council member:

  1. Participate in monthly meetings during the school day
  2. Work as a team with fellow Council members and faculty members
  3. Partner with a buddy classroom to provide information to the students and act as a link between the students and the Council
  4. Assist in planning and attending special events to benefit our school and community

All Fourth and Fifth Grade students are welcome to apply. Applications are available on the bulletin board directly across from my office door, and they are due by 8:00am on Friday, September 12. A committee of faculty members will use a rubric to evaluate the applications, which will be read blindly. Two students from each Fourth Grade homeroom and each Fifth Grade homeroom will be appointed to the Council. The names of the appointed members will be announced later in September.

Parents, please contact me with any questions! Thank you for your support of the Student Council!

SC bulletin board Sept. 14

Student Council bulletin board directly across from Ms. Strother’s office door


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