Top 5 Friday: Eagerness and a birthday extravaganza

Here’s my Top 5 for this short but full week!

5. Heading west: So that Westminster faculty members can provide the very best education for all students, we are provided many fortunate opportunities for meaningful professional development. This week, I received approval to attend a three-day parenting course in Denver, CO, and I am very grateful!

4. Student Council eagerness: I made 120 copies of the Student Council application in anticipation of quite a few Fourth and Fifth Grade students applying to be a member, and almost all of the applications are gone! I am looking forward to reading great essays from our potential leaders. It’s fun to watch the kids get so excited about the possibility of representing their class.

3. Fire drill behavior: It might seem like a small thing, but it is wonderful and encouraging to watch students exit the building and line up silently as the fire alarm sounds for a surprise drill. The students feel safe because they watch their teachers calmly direct them, and they behave appropriately once outside of the building because the expectations are clear.

2. Marvelous manners: Yesterday I received a post-it from a First Grader that put a smile on my face. Today, I found a note in the mailbox outside of my door that also warmed my heart. Our students display such considerate manners. Also, I am glad when students ask to visit me to talk about something that’s on their mind. I am at their service!

eraser TY note

time request

1. First birthday celebration: Today was our first birthday celebration of the year, and it was rowdy! We celebrated August and September birthdays, and the disco ball was in full effect. As always, Mr. Chalmers called students’ names in the captivating way only he can, and the cheering was intense. 🙂

bday celebration light

Have a wonderful weekend!


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