Student Council: 72 applications submitted!

This morning at 8:00am was the deadline for turning in Student Council applications, and wow! Fourth Graders submitted 32 Student Council applications, and Fifth Graders submitted 40 applications. From these 72 applications, two students per homeroom will be appointed for a total of 20 members.

In addition to the obvious enthusiasm these kids are feeling, they’re optimistic, too! Today, students asked: “When will you announce the people who get to be on the Council?” “Will you announce it over the loudspeaker?” “Will you have a big assembly and call us on stage?” “Will you please, please announce it on my birthday?”

While the Fifth Grade teachers, chaperones, and I are on the Fifth Grade overnight retreat next Monday through Wednesday, Mr. McKnight will read the applications. A few other faculty members will read blindly and score the applications using a rubric. When we return, additional faculty members will do the same. It is likely the Council will be announced during the week of Sept. 22-26. The potential projects for the Council are piling up, so we’re anxious to put these leaders to work!

Parents, thank you for your continued support! Continue to call and email me with any questions.


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