Top 5 Friday: Technology, safety, and a special visitor

5. iPad prowess: First Graders were busy with their 1-to-1 iPads this week! In the pictures below, students are searching for and taking pictures of pollinators. They taught me that the bees and butterflies they were seeking were more likely to land on certain flowers depending on the color of the flower. They’re the experts, so you’ll have to ask them for specifics!

1st gr pollinator hunt

1st grade pollinator hunt 2

4. Testing behavior: I witnessed serious, focused, and determined behavior during ERB testing in Fourth Grade this week. When it’s time to work, it’s time to work. Our students know this, and this week they demonstrated exemplary behavior during their time on the computer.

3. Careful planning: Parents, if you had been a fly on the wall during our chaperone meeting in preparation for next week’s Fifth Grade overnight trip, your heart would have been overflowing with happiness at the care and precision the chaperones are taking to ensure the safety of every student. Every detail regarding medical concerns has been discussed. We’ve developed clear plans in case of emergency. We know the allergies of the students in our daily field groups. We know the allergies of the students in our cabins. We’ve downloaded the Magnus app on our phones, which allows us to access students’ medical information if needed. We are going to take GREAT care of these kids! 🙂

2. Safety first: Speaking of the safety of every student, one of the highlights of the week was walking past the door to Design Thinking and stopping mid-step. Pre-First students wearing safety goggles and using drills? I had to take a closer look. Under the hands-on guidance from their Design Thinking teachers and homeroom teachers, Mrs. Griffith and Mrs. Rimmer’s students were quietly and precisely using drills in small groups. I definitely will make time to observe and be awed by Design Thinking more often!

1. Welcoming Ms. Wattles: The Lower School’s former school counselor, Eugenia Wattles, visited Love Hall yesterday! As many parents know, the one and only beloved Ms. Wattles was my Third Grade teacher and the person who encouraged me to pursue a career in school counseling 10 years ago, so to follow in her footsteps has been a very special experience. To walk with her around our building yesterday was THE highlight of the week. It was beautiful (and funny) to watch children literally drop their books and pencils, yell “Ms. Wattles!!!” and scramble to be part of the hug-mob that surrounded Eugenia as she made her way through the building. She is a remarkable, positive, inspiring person I now call my friend, and I have a feeling I’ll be learning from her for a long time to come!


Next week, a special guest blogger will contribute her Top 5 of the week. Stay tuned to see who will treat you to an insight into her non-stop, ever-entertaining, always-caring job in Love Hall!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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