Top 5: Guest blogger Nurse Keri Caldwell

From time to time, I’ll ask colleagues to be guest bloggers and share their recent Top 5 moments/experiences. Thank you to Nurse Keri Caldwell for being guest blogger #1! Read below for her Top 5 of the school year so far.

5. Friday Funnies: One of our 1st grade students came in on a Monday with a bruise across his forehead. I asked him what in the world had happened over the weekend and with a huge grin, he proudly told me that he “had met the coffee table on Friday.”

4. Westminster Webmasters: Clearly there is excellent teaching going on in the walls of Love Hall. A 3rd grader with an obvious future in technology noticed that I was working on the infirmary PC and pointed out that the Macs are much more advanced and that I should think about getting one!

3. Caring Cats: One of my favorite things about working in “Love” Hall is the feeling of family and “love” among the faculty and staff. The Sunshine Fund is one simple way we all lift each other up in times of struggle, and celebrate with one another in times of joy. What a pleasure and an honor to work…and play alongside friends.

2. Happy Hearts: One of the most heartwarming moments of a grown-up’s day is witnessing an unsolicited kind act by a child. While I was walking through the cafeteria, I saw one of our 4th graders, Alessandra, putting her lunch tray away to be washed. Not only did she say thank you to Mr. Birkha, but also she made a point of saying she hoped he had a great day. This no doubt brightened Mr. Birkha’s day but mine as well.

1. Healthy Habits: With flu season approaching, let’s all work together to limit the spread of germs. The best way to avoid colds and other contagious illnesses is to WASH THOSE HANDS! The nurses encourage you all to get your flu shots and other recommended immunizations, to eat your fruits & veggies, to drink lots & lots of water, and to get plenty of rest. Always cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue, and wash those hands after blowing your nose. Also, don’t forget to STAY HOME if you’re sick so you don’t bring those yucky germs to your friends. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend & may you stay happy, healthy and safe!


{Thanks for blogging, Nurse Caldwell! And thanks for the flu shot reminder!}


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