Kindness Club: Week 4, caring for the community

This week’s weather was perfect for an outdoor adventure with the Kindness Club! Although picking up trash and recyclable items might not sound appealing to some, the club members eagerly donned one plastic glove each and began the cleanup campaign. They took turns carrying the trash bag and the recycling bag as we cleaned up quite a bit of snack trash on the playground and then along the sidewalk to Turner Gym. When we arrived at the gym, the kids wanted to peek at the creek, so we started to walk toward the back of the parking lot and the beginning of the trail. Suddenly dozens of male and female cross country runners were upon us! As they sprinted, ran, jogged, and eventually speedwalked past us, we cheered and clapped in encouragement. It was fun to see some of the older students wave their breathless thanks. After the parade of athletes, we went to the bridge over the creek for a quick peek, and then it was time to head back to ASK with our two bags of items!

I observed very kind behavior among club members this week. The boys and girls were patient with each other, never using a bossy or whiny tone of voice. They were proud of their trash and recycling “haul,” and one student vowed to encourage classmates to always pick up their own trash on the playground. Way to go, Kindness Club!

KC members with trash bag, Sept. 2014

The Kindness Club, fall 2014

KC peek at the creek, Sept. 2014

A peek at the creek

KC recycling and trash bags, Sept. 2014

Our “haul” — recycling bag on the left, trash bag on the right


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