Student Council 2014-2015

Congratulations to the Fourth and Fifth Grade students appointed to the Lower School Student Council! Reading the applicants’ short answer responses and essays during the past couple of weeks was a wonderful and encouraging experience. It was clear that students put thought and effort into their writing. Appointing just 20 out of 72 applicants was a difficult task. A special thank you for their help and time goes to all of the Fourth and Fifth Grade teachers, Becky McKnight, and Julie Boggs.

Throughout the year, Student Council members will develop and lead projects, assist with ongoing enterprises, sharpen their leadership skills, and partner with all classrooms to disseminate information. Our first monthly meeting will be very soon, and we’ll be off and running! I can’t wait to see what these Council members will do with their new position of leadership!

The Westminster Schools
Lower School Student Council

Megan (Carroll/Heller)
Olivia (Carroll/Heller)
Hewlett (Frame/Lancaster)
Campbell (Frame/Lancaster)
Henry (Mahoney/Sadler)
Ava (Mahoney/Sadler)
Christian (Shande/Lee)
Hana (Shande/Lee)
Allie (Alberty)
Ashley (Alberty)
Ben (Allen)
Hunter (Allen)
Kristina (Jackson)
Clara (Jackson)
Price (Jagger)
Mia (Jagger)
Gigi (Plunkett)
Kathleen (Plunkett)
Christopher (Villasana)
Julia (Villasana)


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