Top 5 Friday: We love G.O.A.L.!

Better late than never for my Top 5 “Friday!” 😉

5. A special sighting: One of the most popular visitors to Love Hall is Scoot Dimon, Assistant Headmaster for Student Life. Mr. Dimon reads to classes frequently, and the students and teachers love his guest appearances. When his sweet dog, Rambler, accompanies Mr. Dimon, it’s an extra special treat!


Mr. Dimon reads to Ms. Padgett and Ms. Tedesco’s Second Grade class

4. Score! G.O.A.L. time in the lower grades began this week, and I’m so lucky to be part of the Reader’s Theatre group in Second Grade. Mrs. Lamb, Mr. McKnight and I will share the responsibility of working with the students throughout the next few weeks. We’ll work on increasing the students’ oral language fluency (expression and accuracy) and building their confidence in speaking in front of others. Our first time together was so fun that I wished we could have continued all afternoon! Mrs. Lamb selected a short play for the students to act out, and they enjoyed our first read-through. Some of the boys played female roles, and a few of the girls acted out male roles. I think the ones who got to play roles of parents and teachers had the most fun. One student shared, “I think this will be fun, but I have bad stage fright.” Another said, “I never stop talking at home, so I think this group will be perfect for me!”

Mr. McKnight hallway, Sept. 2014

Mr. McKnight leading the Second Graders back to their classrooms after Reader’s Theatre

3. Mealtime News: At the lunch table on Wednesday, a First Grade boy announced, “I have some good news and some bad news.” Of course, his classmates and I asked to hear both. “The good news is that we have G.O.A.L. today! I don’t really understand what it is yet, but my teachers talked about it and it sounds really fun! The bad news is that my grandmother is coming, and I have to sleep in my sister’s room.” Love the honesty!

2. Buddies: On Friday morning, I spent time observing a First Grade class and their Fourth Grade buddies playing together on the playground. Buddies are one of my absolute favorite things about Westminster’s Lower School. To watch the older children swell with pride at the responsibility of caring for their younger friend is a beautiful thing, and it’s wonderful to watch the younger children (literally) look up to their older friend.

1. Encouraging Peers: To announce the members of the Student Council, I posted the list of student names on two doors in the Fifth Grade hallway across from the Science rooms, two near the Fourth Grade rooms, and one on the Student Council bulletin board. I asked Science teachers Mrs. Sultan and Mr. Sottnick to keep an ear out for student reactions. Less than half an hour after posting the list, Mrs. Sultan and Fourth Grade teacher Mrs. Sadler found me and reported that they had both overheard nothing but cheers and congratulatory remarks from students. Mrs. Sultan had peeked into the hallway, and she saw one Fourth Grade boy yell, “Way to go!” and hug his classmate. During Fourth and Fifth Grade lunch, I talked to a number of students to learn about reactions to the announcement. Although some students reported disappointment, of course, overall they were happy for their peers. Our students’ displays of good character didn’t surprise me one bit. We have pretty incredible kiddos in Love Hall!


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