Kindness Club: Weeks 5 and 6, Brainstorming and lemonade

Last Monday, the Kindness Club kids engaged in roundtable brainstorming session about potential activities we could do in the coming weeks. (We also had a snack because at 4:00 in the afternoon, everyone deserves the kindness and happiness that accompany a bag of microwave popcorn.) Below is a photo of the ideas the students generated. The ideas with the yellow stars next to them were the most popular options.

KC idea list


Yesterday, we fulfilled our yellow-starred idea of making a treat and giving it away. Last year’s “free lemonade” stand with the first generation of Kindness Club members was a fun success, so Kindness Club 2.0 repeated it! We had to decide who the recipients of the lemonade would be, and since there was a softball game happening next to the ASK building, we thought of the spectators and players. “We should give it to the other team, too!” said Hicks. A very kind idea. The children thought that it would be kind to offer lemonade to all of the children in ASK, too.

After making a plan, three club members offered to make posters, and they got right to work. The remaining members carefully poured water into the tea container lent to us by the kind lunchroom staff members, poured in the packets of lemonade mix, stirred the delicious concoction, and made signs for the outside of the container.

We set up the container on the wall outside of the ASK building, and the club members efficiently advertised their endeavor by holding their signs and yelling, “Freeeeeee lemonaaaaade!” Other students quickly poured the lemonade into cups and gave them away to the swarms of ASK students who descended upon us. They also carefully carried full cups to the softball spectators. (We didn’t get to offer any to the busy players.) As expected, the lemonade recipients were grateful and happy, which made the Kindness Club members happy, too!


Step 1: Make the “Free Lemonade!” posters

making lemonade

Step 2: Make the lemonade

lemonade container

Step 3: Prominently display the lemonade

there they go

Step 4: Walk in the direction of thirsty people

offering lemonade

Step 5: Offer free lemonade to thirsty people and receive kind “Thank you”s in return!


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