Silver linings in Denver

Last Wednesday afternoon, I flew to Denver for a three-day professional development conference focused on a great parenting program. It was a very valuable, enriching conference, and I was thankful for the opportunity to attend! (Information about the program and how it will be shared with our Lower School community will be posted in the coming months.)

Getting to the first session on Thursday morning proved to be an adventure of silver linings that I wouldn’t trade for the world. On Wednesday evening, our flight was diverted around Denver for an hour because of a storm. Silver lining? If we hadn’t been flying all around the city, I wouldn’t have seen some of the most beautiful clouds I’ve ever seen.

After landing, I got locked in a stall of the airport restroom. (I anticipate this being the first and last time I write about airport bathrooms on this school counseling blog, by the way.) After slightly panicking, I eyeballed the door-to-floor distance and determined that even if my suitcase and I would fit through, the thought of being stuck there was not ideal. I decided to yank on the door as hard as possible until I could escape. Silver lining? If I hadn’t gotten locked in the stall, I never would have proved to myself that I could break down a bathroom door in desperation. 😉

Since our flight landed late, I missed the reserved shuttle to the hotel 38 miles away. The next shuttle was scheduled to leave 90 minutes later, so I found a restaurant near the ground transportation exit. Silver lining? If our flight hadn’t be late, I never would have enjoyed the most delicious airport nachos ever made. Seriously — most. Delicious. Ever made.

After making six stops from the airport to the hotel, the huge shuttle was almost empty. Two other women and I shared the last few miles together. “Are you going to the conference at the Sheraton?” I asked. They both said yes, and three educators from Atlanta, Detroit, and Kansas City began bonding. Silver lining? If I hadn’t missed my original shuttle, I never would have met Brandi and Kim, two new friends! When I entered the huge conference room Thursday morning, they had found each other and saved me a seat. We collaborated, listened, laughed, and questioned, and then we left Denver excited about all that we had learned.

Looking forward to more silver linings!

clouds, weather

I should have packed a warmer coat…

conference room

The conference room in the hotel, our home away from home

ready to have fun

Yes indeed, I am ready to have some fun!



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  1. Keri Caldwell says :

    You are precious!

    Keri Caldwell, RN, BSN
    Love Hall Infirmary
    W 404-609-6365
    C 404-434-9089

    1424 West Paces Ferry Road, NW
    Atlanta, Georgia 30327

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