Top 5 Friday: Lunches and laps

What a beautiful day to kick off our three-day Columbus Day weekend! Here are just five of my favorite things that happened this week:

5. Right all along: In Ms. Padgett and Ms. Tedesco’s Second Grade class, one student proved me wrong during our regular classroom counseling lesson, and I loved it! The children were playing a Memory/Concentration-type game on the Smartboard about listening and focusing as a follow-up to their “Tuned In” lessons. The game is fairly difficult, especially at the beginning when all 24 cards are on the screen. I have a tough time with it! Students took turns going to the board to touch cards to reveal potential matches. As one student stood at the board, trying hard to decide which card to choose, a boy sitting nearby said, “It’s that one! In the corner! That one’s the match!” I looked at him and said gently, “Come on, there’s no way you know where the match is! I have no idea where it is!” He said, “I do, I promise! It’s in the corner!” I sincerely believed that there was no way anyone could remember which one was right. The student at the board took his classmate’s advice and touched the card in the corner. When it revealed itself as the correct match, I burst out laughing and looked at the boy on the floor. He simply smiled the most innocent, fun-loving smile, put up his hands, and whispered to me, “Told ya.” No bragging, no loud celebrating, just a moment between the two of us that made my day.

4. Leisurely lunches: So that I can build strong relationships with Pre-First students as a foundation for their career in Love Hall, I will have lunch with all of them in my office in groups of six. This week, I started with Mrs. Dick and Mrs. Widness’ students. After the first 11:20 lunch date, I couldn’t wait for the next day and the day after that! During our lunches together, the students and I discussed matters such as middle names, pets, pets’ middle names, cousins’ pets’ names, and dessert. When you bond with Pre-Firsters, you’ve got to start with the basics. 🙂

3. A special invitation: A Second Grade girl was so proud that her grandmother planned to visit on Wednesday that she passed out handwritten invitations to meet this special visitor at 11:25 in the lunchroom. It was heartwarming to see the student’s obvious adoration for her grandmother when she introduced us at the lunch table.

2. Now the hard work begins: After I posted the list of students appointed to Student Council, Mr. McKnight said to me, “This looks great! Now the hard work begins!” Well, I certainly believe him…! Yesterday was the very first meeting of the 2014-2015 Council, and we had a packed agenda for our 25 minutes together during Morning Meeting time. I have a feeling that we’re going to want to meet more than once a month. At the meeting, students heard about two important upcoming projects that will have an impact schoolwide, took a group photo, volunteered to make signs for Habitat for Humanity during recess, and agreed to check their Schoology account to accept an invitation to join the Student Council group. Fifth Grade Science teacher Ms. Linkon has agreed to host the meetings in her room all year. Thank you, Ms. Linkon! We’re going to have a great time this year.

1. Playing wall tag: The Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade swimming units in P.E. culminated in swim meets this week. How proud I was of our brave little Wildcats! They displayed great courage, teamwork, and perseverance with every lap. Many parents and siblings cheered from the balcony as students demonstrated their skills in their games of “wall tag,” as Coach Pete Higgins used to say to us when we practiced in junior high and high school. It was very special to hear him announce the meets this week — many memories came rushing back! Jokingly he yelled at me to get my suit on, and I assured him that the kids would smoke me in the pool these days…


A pretty special P.E. unit




Diving in

diving well

Free time in the diving well after the meet


I’m 99% sure these are the same trusty kickboards we used 20 years ago… they’ve seen a lot of laps!

Happy long weekend! See you on Tuesday!

P.S. One more photo — I can’t resist. The First Graders are deep in their study of bees, and they had visits from special people this week. Check out the First Grade teachers’ blogs for more! In the meantime, here’s one student from Mrs. Lovern and Mrs. Hitchcock’s class being photographed by Mrs. McCarthy. (The one-to-one iPad endeavor is incredible, by the way.)


Future beekeeper


One response to “Top 5 Friday: Lunches and laps”

  1. cajuncart says :

    Love that you are beginning of the concept of “leisurely lunches” with the littles! Way to go, Ms. Strother!

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