Top 5 Friday: Coins, beans, and games

5. Love for Habitat: This morning, Upper School service prefects stood at the flagpole to collect donations for Habitat for Humanity from our students’ banks. Thank you to the older students for getting to school early to help Mrs. Boggs collect the money, and thank you to the Lower School Wildcats for their generosity! The next flagpole collection will be Thursday, October 23.

Habitat picstitch


4. Love for beans, too: Yesterday, our Flik nutritionist, Melanie Lester, set up a table in the lunchroom to highlight the bean of the month, the black bean. Students were encouraged to try the black bean habanero pepper dip. Most of them sported a sticker indicating that they had been a food explorer and tried a new recipe! Stay tuned… next month, there will be a new bean to enjoy!


Bean love


3. Games galore: The Second Grade cardboard arcade is a spectacular culmination of students’ hard work in Design Thinking. Along the lines of the inspiring Caine’s Arcade, our students worked in groups to build games. Check out the fantastic (and difficult to win!) games below.






2. A new role: Next Friday is an extremely special day in Love Hall, Grandparents and Special Friends Day. Most students will parade around their beloved family members, showing off the art room, gym, and other special locations. Students whose relatives are unable to attend will have a faculty or staff member as their special friend. Just a few minutes ago, a third grader stopped by to ask if I would accompany her around the building next Friday. I was so happy! I told her Yes and that I wished it were next Friday already! When I went through the elementary school here, my grandparents lived in California and Massachusetts, and they weren’t able to travel to visit for this day. I was so lucky, though, that my friend and classmate, Jenny, was the granddaughter of our wonderful principal, Judy Marine. Mrs. Marine did double duty and acted as my substitute grandmother, and now I have the honor of acting as someone’s special friend on this special day. Isn’t it amazing how things come back around?

grandparents day

I can’t wait for this special day!


1. Kindness Club note discovered! Speaking of things coming back around, earlier this week, I received an email from a father of a Pre-First student. He wrote, “We wanted you to know that our son got a book from the library, and we were elated to find a Kindness Club note (see photo attached). It made our day. We will be sure to pass on the kindness. Hope you are having a great day!” I was so thrilled that a) the note was discovered by a family who would make sure to pass on the kindness and b) the parent would take the time to send me an email. Here is last year’s post about the day when the Kindness Club wrote and hid the notes in the library books.

KC note discovered

A photo from a kind father who discovered this Kindness Club note in a library book with his son


Happy weekend to all! Don’t forget to collect coins, eat beans, play games, hug your family, and pass on kindness! 🙂


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