Kindness Club: Week 7, pumpkin fun

Yesterday was a beautiful day for decorating mini pumpkins with the Kindness Club! Students chose three pumpkins and decorated them with Sharpies. They could keep one and give away two to special people. As we decorated, we talked about the special people who might receive these happy Halloween gifts.

Then, we made a thank you sign for my friend who purchased the pumpkins over the weekend. “What is his favorite color so we can draw the sign in it?” asked one club member. We sent my friend a text message, asking about his color preferences. When he wrote back that he loves green and blue, the students got right to work! It’s so fun to watch a blank piece of paper transform into a wild masterpiece of words, drawings, and exclamation points.

Finally, we delivered pumpkins to a few special friends: Mrs. Tozzer, Mr. Mosley, and Mrs. Rouse in ASK. Mrs. Tozzer, who received two pumpkins, said, “Thank you so much! My first Halloween pumpkins!” See some pictures of our fun time below!

KC pumpkin decorating 10-27-14

KC making sign at carpool 10-27-14

KC making Barnett sign 10-27-14

KC making Barnett sign II 10-27-14

KC pumpkin lineup 10-27-14

KC Barnett sign 10-27-14


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