Thank you, Dr. Agatston!

Thank you, Dr. Patti Agatston, for presenting at last week’s Town Hall meeting! Dr. Agatston touched on topics such as the risks and benefits of being online, the sense of connectedness people feel when using social media, the ins and outs of Instagram, the pros and cons of using a contract at home for internet/computer use, and the risks and benefits of a digital footprint (LinkedIn is available to users 13 years and older, and some students are using it to positively market themselves in anticipation of college applications and future job opportunities!). Two of Dr. Agatston’s main points: When it comes to internet filters related to content, the best filter is conversations with your child. Also, teach and reteach your child your family values so that when they’re presented with difficult situations or inappropriate content online (and they will be), they’ll have an internal sense to guide them in a direction of which they’ll be proud.

During the Q&A with Dr. Agatston, one parent wanted to know, “What is the cell phone policy for the Lower School?” On the Wildcat Web, I found the following cell phone policy on page 23 in our handbook: “Students are not to bring cell phones or any other electronic devices to school. Students may ask to use a school phone in the event that they need to contact a parent during the school day. Those students with extenuating circumstances should contact the Head of Lower School in advance.”

Parents, if you’d like to watch Dr. Agatston’s presentation online, go to this website (, search for Westminster, and then scroll down past the athletic events to “Town Hall.”

More about Dr. Agatston on her website.


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