Tough love

Did you see the small paragraph about “tough love” in last week’s Weekly Parent Update? I love it. “Parents, we know that sometimes your child may leave a completed homework assignment at home or forget to grab an instrument, PE clothes, or other items needed during the school day. However, please refrain from bringing these items to school. The natural consequences of forgetting these items will serve as a great lesson to your child and help him/her remember materials in the future.”

It is tempting to want to rescue your child, but the loving lesson of letting him/her fail and fall is long-lasting. (And don’t forget about Wendy Mogel’s parenting talk with similar messaging tomorrow night at High Meadows!)

lesson is love


2 responses to “Tough love”

  1. cajuncart says :

    LOVE THIS, Ms. S! We just talked about this with our Honor Council today…making difficult decisions with peers that perhaps will help them learn better…and help demonstrate that what we stand for — HONOR and INTEGRITY — matter.

    Rock on, sister. Tough love is real love.

    • katestrother says :

      Thanks for the support, Ms. T! Tough love is tough on the parents and the kids, but the end results hopefully are valuable lessons and strong kids. I know you’re showing that tough love down the hill in the Middle School, and your Wildcats will thank you one day! 🙂

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