Top 5 Friday… Saturday… Sunday… Monday…

My Top 5 list didn’t make it to the blog on Friday, but it’s never too late to share some fun times from last week!

On Tuesday morning, the Lower School gathered in the Hamilton Room for our first community celebration of the year. Mr. Alberty’s class and Mrs. Jackson’s class treated us to skits focused on one of our new school rules, “Be Safe.” Your child probably will remember the phrase, “STOP! That’s unsafe!” as the Fifth Graders used it many times to reiterate how students should stop and think about their actions. Are they being safe? If not, make a different choice! At the end of the assembly, of course there was an opportunity to dance to a song about being safe, respectful, and responsible. Thank you, Fifth Graders!

be safe stage oct 2014

The crowd sits and listens to the Fifth Graders sing/act out the Be Safe song the first time…

be safe dance oct 2014

… and then it’s time to dance during the second time the song plays!


On Wednesday, the Second Grade classes took a “community walk” around the school to meet and learn from various personnel. After everyone heard from Pamela Nye, the school archivist, they traveled to Turner Gym to interview Athletic Director Rusty Hudson. After Coach Hudson’s time with the students, the classes split up to visit art teachers, President Evans, English teachers, history teachers, and more. I couldn’t decide which class to follow! I managed to catch up with Mrs. Roland and Mrs. Steele’s class when they visited Mr. Griffith in Campbell Hall, and then I followed Mrs. Bradway and Ms. Shelton’s class to Mr. Mackay’s classroom in Clarkson Hall. Thanks for letting me tag along, Second Grade!

Community Day. 2nd gr 10-29-14


In Fourth Grade, “E” days are Second Step days during Morning Meeting, so I visited Ms. Mahoney and Mrs. Sadler’s classroom to learn what the kids were learning. Mrs. Carroll and Ms. Heller’s class had joined them while their Smartboard was being uncharacteristically uncooperative. Ms. Mahoney led a great lesson on being assertive. At the end, the teachers let the students have a short dance party to the Second Step empathy “Walk, Walk, Walk (in Their Shoes).” I loved watching the teachers and kids let loose! I thought about joining in, but watching Ms. Strother dance is too frightening a sight for 8:25 in the morning.

dance MM 10-30-14

Time to dance in Fourth Grade!


And of course, Friday included the wonderful Halloween parade. From Mr. McKnight’s parade-leading as the “new sheriff in town” to the high-fives craved by even the coolest Upper School kids to the Halloween-themed music on Pressly Patio provided by the band, it was a fun experience for all of Westminster! My favorite moment from the morning was when a student described his walks with his parents. “When I walk with my parents,” said this Pre-First boy seriously, “usually I walk forty inches in front of them. But sometimes I walk a hundred and five inches in front of them. That’s how I do it.” (I don’t know how I could love these kids any more than I do!) I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

Halloween sheriff 2014

Sheriff McKnight leads the way with the help of Mrs. Kahn and Mrs. Spiotta

Halloween Turner 2014

Led by a Fifth Grade helper, the first Pre-First class is on its way

Halloween Pressly 2014

After rounding the columns in front of Robinson Hall, we’re on our way back toward Pressly Patio!


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