Funny Families

tgivingIn our First and Second Grade lessons this week, we read The Perfect Thanksgiving by Eileen Spinelli. In the book, there are two families. The narrator’s family is messy, loud, and full of love. Abigail Archer’s family is “perfect” and also full of love. We talked about how there is no family that’s actually perfect. No one is perfect! And no family is better or worse than another family. If the students visited my family for Thanksgiving, they’d be lucky to find a seat among the 20+ laughing and joking and storytelling adults and kids. We’re far from perfect, and we have a lot of fun!

Then, I gave each student a sticky note. Anonymously they wrote one funny/silly/embarrassing/nonperfect/happy fact about a family member or pet. We stuck them on the board and then had a great time guessing who wrote each one! Below are some of the students’ funny family facts:

  • When my mom is watching soccer, she screams when someone gets close to the goal
  • My brother is scared to brush his teeth
  • My cat drinks dog water and eats dog food and acts like a dog
  • My mom has crazy hair — it is like she is Albert Einstein
  • My grandma snores
  • My mom snores louder than my dad
  • My sister wears the same shoes every day
  • My dad leaves the garage door open even when my mom reminds him to close it
  • I always leave my jacket
  • My mom burned the pumpkin seeds
  • My dog takes my socks

Parents, please remember the school-home rule agreed upon long, long ago. We’ll believe half of what your child says about you if you give us the same courtesy. 😉


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