Top 5 Friday: Cheese, avocados, and rainbows

Happy Friday! Here are a few bits of happy randomness from the week:

5. The Weird Machine: How many Pre-First girls can fit into a hula hoop? Glad you asked. The answer is five. What will they do once inside the hula hoop? Travel around the playground blacktop making “computer noises” and calling themselves “The Weird Machine.” Welcome to recess!

hula hoop 11-7-14

The Weird Machine in action

4. Interviewing Enisa: I happened to walk through the Hamilton Room while members of Ms. Tedesco and Ms. Padgett’s Second Grade class were interviewing wonderful Enisa. Enisa is one of the Flik employees who takes great care of us at lunch each day. I heard one student ask, “What time do you get up to get to work on time?” It’s fun to hear the questions the students choose to ask. I also loved that three students were using iPads to film the interview.


interviewing Enisa

3. Thoughts on cheese: As I walked by a Fourth Grade room, I heard a student say to her friends in an extremely serious voice, “Mozzarella cheese is scientifically known to be the perfect cheese.” Maybe it was part of a skit, maybe it was a thoughtful observation on dairy products, or maybe it was a line of a song — who knows — but it made my day.

2. Awesome avocados: OK, I’ll admit that this wasn’t the first time I’ve taken a picture of lunch at school. Check out the avocados and tomatoes available in the faculty/staff salad bar earlier this week. Are you kidding me? YUM! Thank you, Westminster and Flik! And yes, while I enjoyed them with my chicken fajitas I thought to myself, “This is totally going on my top five list.”

avocados and tomatoes at lunch 11-4-14

Yum! Yes please!

1. Surprise on the ceiling: During this morning’s counseling lesson in Ms. Bonin and Mrs. Clarke’s class, a rainbow appeared on the ceiling. We never figured out what was reflecting the sun; we just enjoyed the surprise beauty.

ceiling rainbow

We didn’t care where it came from; we just enjoyed it!

Have a beautiful fall weekend!


One response to “Top 5 Friday: Cheese, avocados, and rainbows”

  1. selteam2013 says :

    You are like the roving reporter! I love it!

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