Student Council discipline matrix work

As a school, we are embracing “The Three B’s” as guidelines for behavior: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible. Who can argue with any of those? At least one of those guidelines applies to almost any situation! It’s important for students to understand the expectations not only in a general sense but also in specific situations. What does “Be Safe” look like in the lunchroom? in the bathroom? at carpool? What does “Be Respectful” look like in the hallways? So that the expectations are clear for behavior in each public space, every classroom filled out a discipline matrix. Together, students and teachers talked about the expectations for behavior they felt were appropriate for these spaces.

Now we are working on compiling these matrices into one schoolwide matrix to be published to guide all students, families, and faculty/staff. Last week, Student Council members reviewed all of the matrices, circling the expectations they believe would apply to the entire student body. We will continue this work in the coming weeks.

SC matrix work, Nov 2014 SC matrix work II, Nov 2014


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