Top 5 Friday: Getting personal, cookies, and snowmen jokes

I hope everyone has had a fun week recovering from overeating during the Thanksgiving break! (I hope it wasn’t just me…) Here are some things that made me smile this week:

5. Works of art: Who knew that bulletin boards could be so exciting, informative, and even inspirational? I won’t give away details here because they’re still in progress, but the Second Grade classrooms’ bulletin boards are worth a trip to Love Hall. Highlighting members of the Westminster community in our building and around the school, the children’s projects are personal and respectful. I absolutely cannot wait to see the finished products.

4. Name-calling: In Ms. Hartness and Mrs. Hines’ class, I told a story during our lesson about my sister and me, using both of our first names a few times in the story. At the end of the lesson, I turned to leave and heard a boy say, “Wait, Kate!” I turned around, and my wide eyes met his wide eyes. Then we both burst out laughing because he couldn’t believe he had said that, and I knew he hadn’t said it on purpose. I assured him that one day when he’s an adult, we can be on a personal first-name basis, but not yet!

3. Unsung heroes: Does there exist a magical place in which people look forward to calling the IT department for help? It does exist, and it’s Westminster. Ready with a calm, clear answer for any tech crisis, the members of this Westminster team are behind-the-scenes heroes on a daily basis. They’re available anytime during the day, they return calls and emails with lightning speed, they answer the same questions 100 times a day with unending patience, and they’re all really, really nice. They’re incredible. Today I sat with a funny, helpful IT staff member for over an hour while she kindly assisted me with my laptop. The extra bonus? So that visitors to their offices are enveloped not only in friendliness but also deliciousness, the IT people have candy and bottles of water for when employees are desperate for help and treats.

2. Happiness in a jar: Yesterday afternoon, the Coop Cats carefully filled more than 20 large jars with ingredients for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Their assembly lines were beautifully messy and well-orchestrated once the students got into a rhythm. Look for these and other great holiday gifts at the Alternative Gift Fair this evening!


1. I wish I had thought of that: My favorite moment of the week. In Mrs. Griffith and Mrs. Rimmer’s classroom, the students and I were talking about snowmen. It was time for me to leave at the end of the lesson, but I just had to call on one more eager student because it looked like she really had something good to share. I called on her, and she excitedly announced, “If President Barack Obama were a snowman, he’d be Barack SNOWbama!!” I think I laughed so loudly that I scared the rest of the kids.

See you at the Gift Fair in Malone Dining Hall! I need to get to the ATM to prepare for some serious holiday shopping…


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