Performing arts field trip

Today’s performing arts field trip was so much fun! The Lower School band, orchestra, and chorus students traveled to the State Capitol for self-guided tours with teachers and other staff members. From loading the buses at Carpool B at 9:30 to saying “Thank you!” to our skilled bus driver when we returned, the nine Fifth Graders with whom I toured made the experience such a great one. In the Capitol, we explored the numerous floors and hallways, even receiving a special peek into four senators’ offices from kind people who work with them. After our walking adventure, we gathered in one of the atriums to prepare for the musical performances. The kids treated the audience of parents, Westminster faculty/staff, Capitol employees and visitors to a fun selection of holiday songs.

After the Capitol, our rumbling stomachs guided the buses toward The Varsity, where we enjoyed a tasty, leisurely lunch. So that everyone would be safe at all times in such a busy and enormous restaurant, all students had been strictly instructed to stay with their chaperones while in line, while traveling to the tables, and during the meal. I was extremely proud of my nine. They stayed together so well, never complaining as we waited for everyone to get through the line and receive their food. We fit into two large booths and had a great meal! Great job, Wildcats!

My group of nine Fifth Graders across the atrium; below is the area in which they would perform

exploring the fourth floor museum exhibits

the Lower School band

the Lower School chorus

field trip orchestra

side view of the Lower School orchestra and Mrs. CF



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