Behind the scenes at the pageant

This morning’s Christmas pageant was magical. How do almost 500 young children arrive in their correct places, on their correct risers, in their correct costumes? The planning and preparation by music teachers Maxine Smith and Becky Doster, a team of parents, and faculty and staff leading up to such a precisely timed event is unbelievable. The students diligently rehearse, memorizing their songs and spoken lines and how to walk very slowly. 🙂 Below are two behind-the-scenes moments before the beautiful pageant began. Great job, Wildcats!

a parent reading to First Graders on the steps to Malone Dining Hall before the pageant

a cute Pre-First pairing ready to process to McCain

The Christmas season begins!


In all of the excitement surrounding the bold fashion statements by faculty and staff members yesterday, I forgot to write about my favorite holiday craft from all of the classroom holiday parties. Mrs. Jackson and Mr. Alberty’s Fifth Grade students used felt and soft stuffing material to make pillows. One of the students and his family plan to donate the pillows to a good cause.

pillow 1

Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, and Happy New Year to all!

See you in 2015!


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    I enjoy your emails/blogs. Please keep writing/sending.

    Mary Beth

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