WiredCats Robotics update

Last Friday, two of the three WiredCats teams traveled to Columbus, GA for the FIRST Lego League SuperRegional competition. Here’s an excerpt from the teams’ blog about the big adventure: “The trip to the SuperRegional in Columbus was a big success. Both teams had a great day in the presentation rooms and on the robot field. The Pounce managed to take the second highest score at the robot table, which was a great showing. An extra measure of congratulations go out to The Claw, who won the Gracious Professionalism award. This is the top award in the core values portion of the competition! We made it back to Westminster and everyone was out the door and on their way home at about 9 PM Saturday. We will have to wait a few days to see if either or both teams advance to the state competition on January 24 at Georgia Tech. We believe both teams have a good shot. Keep your fingers crossed!”

Great job, WiredCats! We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a presence at the state competition!

robotics trophy

Gracious Professionalism trophy awarded to The Claw

robotics trophy case

This weekend’s Gracious Professionalism trophy will join fellow FIRST Lego League trophies in the case across from Ms. Heller and Mrs. Carroll’s Fourth Grade classroom



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