Common Sense Media: Parent Concerns

If Common Sense Media isn’t one of your go-to websites, make it one of your go-to websites starting today. Is Minecraft ok for Pre-First kids? Should your child be 13 years old to have an Instagram account? Should your child see Selma? Is “everyone’s” favorite new book series truly appropriate for your child’s age level? If The Maze Runner film is rated PG-13, is The Maze Runner action game for iPhone really ok for nine-year-olds? What was that new TV show your child’s friend mentioned? Find answers to all of these questions on Common Sense Media!

Also check out the new Parent Concerns section for articles and advice about screen time, internet safety, learning differences, social media, and much more:


2 responses to “Common Sense Media: Parent Concerns”

  1. Gunjan Bahl says :

    I like the common sense media app/website. If ur like me, and want 2 know specifics about what ur child is C’ing , the IMDB website is gr8 too. There is a parent guide tab on it that will tell u exactly what curse words r used, what the love scenes depict and exactly what violence is shown. I found it to b very helpful, as well! U can just google the name of the movie and IMDB in ur search…

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