Town Hall on executive functioning

Dawson-Smart-but-Scattered-BookYesterday morning, Dr. Carol Matheson presented information about executive functioning in the Town Hall meeting. Then she and Nancy Lamb answered thoughtful questions from the audience and talked about the current GOAL groups in Fourth and Fifth Grades focused on this topic. Mrs. Lamb also shared that even the games played during morning meeting in Pre-First help children practice skills in executive functioning areas such as emotion control, self-control, working memory, planning, and problem solving.

Dr. Matheson recommended that parents read Smart But Scattered to learn more about how to help children succeed in everyday tasks — remembering to write homework in the agenda, packing a snack the night before school, finding things quickly in the house, etc. In fact, more than 15 parents in attendance showed interested in having a book club talk on the book! If you’re interested in participating in that get-together, email Becky McKnight. (More information about the book on the authors’ website.)

Town Hall exec functioning, Nancy and Carol 1-20-15

P.S. Check out Nancy Lamb’s blog post from today to find a link you can click on to download Dr. Matheson’s PowerPoint presentation.



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