National School Counseling Week 2015


Happy NSCW 2015!


We’re more than halfway through National School Counseling Week, and I’m more thankful than ever to be a school counselor! My work family consists of hundreds of parents, hundreds of children, and hundreds of faculty/staff members campus-wide. How lucky I am to be a member of this family and serve Love Hall!

Thank you, parents, for supporting your child’s homeroom teachers, special area teachers, administrators, and more. The conferences and town hall meetings and birthday celebrations you fit into your busy schedules are deeply appreciated.

Thank you, children, for saying things like “Ooh la la! I LOVE rainbows!” in the middle of my lesson when you see that we’re going to color a rainbow worksheet together and making me laugh so hard.

And thank you, colleagues, for humoring me when I encourage (force) everyone to choose a square for the Super Bowl grid game. Together we buzz around our building every day, doing our best to care for each other and for Westminster’s littlest Wildcats. What an honor!

School counseling has received good press during our celebratory week. Michelle Obama’s thoughts on school counseling appear in a USA Today article here. Details of the 2015 National School Counselor of the Year celebration appeared on the White House blog, and on the American School Counselor Association website, there are many links to articles about celebrating school counseling.

Click below for information about the counselors who will serve your child after he or she leaves Love Hall. Happy NSCW15!

Middle School Counseling

Upper School Counselors

Upper School Counselors’ blog

College Counseling department


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