Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ — one session down, four to go!

At the conclusion of last Thursday’s Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ class, immediately I couldn’t wait for our next one! During our first session, parents watched DVD clips and read a few pages in the provided workbook. My favorite moments were when parents answered others’ questions and responded to others’ thoughts. One parent shared that getting up 13 minutes earlier in the morning has made a tremendous difference in her family’s ability to get out the door on time (and much more happily!).

It’s not too late to join! Email or call me to tell me you’re coming, and I’ll save a workbook for you. See you Thursday morning at 8:15 in the library!

(One more thing — since I’m the mushy/feelings/counselor-y person, of course I asked parents to anonymously write a word or phrase on a sticky note to describe their feelings about being in a Love and Logic class and put the notes on a poster in the back of the room. Below is a compilation of some of the notes. I loved the enthusiasm!)

Parents' "feeling words" about embarking on our L&L journey together

Parents’ “feeling words” about embarking on our journey together


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