Top 5 Friday: Truth, advice, and sun

Happy Friday and Valentine’s Eve! Love Hall was buzzing with energy and happiness all day. Fun Dip, conversation hearts, cupcakes, and giant Rice Krispie treats probably contributed to the excitement, but you won’t hear me complaining about the extra noise. Perks of classroom party-hopping in an elementary school? See treats listed above. Now let’s get to some other good stuff from the week:

5. Truth: On Wednesday during snack time in Pre-First, a student told me that she and her parents love three instruments: the violin, trumpet, and flute. I responded, “Those are all very different and beautiful.” Without hesitation, she smiled and said, “Just like all of us.” Truth, little one.

4. Should vs. would prefer: Recently, I read this article from about how to improve your patience by making a small change in your vocabulary. This small change — substituting “would prefer” for “should” — can lead to big changes in attitude, mood, and overall wellbeing. After a week, already I’ve noticed a difference in my stress level. Instead of thinking, “That person should hold the door for me!!” I say to myself, “I would prefer that the person hold the door open until I get there because my hands are full.” Instead of, “This person shouldn’t talk to me like that,” I think, “I would prefer that this person use a different tone of voice with me.” We tell kids every day, “You can’t control anyone else’s behavior; focus on you.” It’s good for us to remember the same advice.

3. So far, so good: The second of five Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ sessions was Thursday morning, and parents seemed to enjoy the stories shared by the presenters in the DVD clips. The stories lead to valuable advice and parenting tips, and some of the brief conversations we’ve had after the videos have been revealing and honest. Thank you, parents!

Love and Logic participants, 2-12-15

Participants enjoying parenting advice with a side of humor


2. A happy place: My First Grade GOAL group meets in the chapel because there are only a few of us, and a Third Grade academic-focused group uses my room. On Tuesday, the students and I role played various situations first using stuffed animals and then acting them out ourselves. After I walked the students back to their classrooms, I returned to the chapel and decided to spend 15 minutes working in the quiet, sunny, peaceful room. I challenge anyone to find a more beautiful working spot inside of a building.


a sunny spot for a few minutes of work


1. My favorite valentine: It’s so special to be remembered on Valentine’s Day by little Wildcats. I received thoughtful notes and cards today that warmed my heart, especially the one pictured below. “Love one another.” Good advice from a wise Fourth Grade girl.

Love one another, 2-13-15

Love one another

A safe, happy, love-filled weekend to all! See you Tuesday — no school for students on Monday!



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