Kindness Club returns!

Last Tuesday afternoon, 16 students gathered in the ASK! building for the third installment of the Kindness Club. There is a great mix of Pre-First, First, and Second Graders in the group, and it will be fun for kids to get to know Wildcats in other grades! Together we will perform acts of kindness in Love Hall and around Westminster’s campus.

After introducing ourselves, we drew a diagram outlining the concept of “paying it forward.” The students began to get excited about the possibility of making small changes in the world through the activities we’ll do in future meetings.

pay it forward

Next, we traveled to a Third Grade classroom to watch we watched this YouTube video that shows a chain reaction of acts of kindness. The children saw that although some acts of kindness cost money, such as buying a meal for someone else, many acts of kindness are completely free.

KC3, watching video March 2015

Enthralled by the video of a chain reaction of acts of kindness

KC3, girls watching video March 2015

Kindly sharing one chair

Upon leaving the classroom, we saw birthday girl Mrs. DuPriest in the hallway. We realized we didn’t have to wait for a future meeting to start our acts of kindness, and as our first official and impromptu act as a group, we sang “Happy Birthday” to her. She was thrilled by our surprise serenade!

KC3, singing to Mrs D March 2015

A very happy birthday serenade for Mrs. DuPriest!

Tomorrow we’ll meet again for another adventure! In the meantime, spread kindness! 🙂


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